Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Delightful Dose of Daddy's Day

We recently got to enjoy the excitement of a day with Daddy at preschool. This is the day of the school year the kids probably look forward to the most. There is just something so sweet, so intriguing, exciting about having your Daddy visit you at school. Of course, I am there with them for pick up and drop off everyday that they are there (3 times a week) and also for every party, function or meeting available (I LOVE volunteering at their school) but, alas, "Your Mommy's here!" just doesn't quite seem to hold the same excitement for them. The other day when I picked half-asleep Jonah up he suddenly whined, loudly, "But I wanted somebody ELSE to pick me up!" Nice. Thanks buddy. I love you too. I know my kids love me. I really do . But I would just like to remind them that Mommy IS keeping notes. Here we are at the corn bin. My fellow Mommy helper, Kim, and I gloated a little at how it appeared we had been given the easiest volunteer gig.
They say appearances can be deceiving. They are right.
We left about an hour after all the other volunteers. After every toy was dug out of the corn, each stray kernel was swept and everything else bagged and stored. There was no further gloating.

But there was shaving! Only a few pints of blood were lost. Just kidding. Those are bladeless razors. Although Chris said it was mentally challenging to sit still and allow a 3 and 5 year old to "shave" your face.

Daddy Love.

The End.

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