Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sometimes a baby (who's tired and just had two shots) just needs his Momma...

Sometimes his Momma (who's tired and has a million things to do) just needs to stop and soak up the goodness.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Luke's Top Picks of 2009, So Far

Hi, I'm Luke. I am 18 months old, 33 inches high and weigh 25 pounds. My Mom calls me her 'Little Wild Child', 'Lukie Pookie', 'Wookers Pookers', 'Bubby' and her favorite, 'Widdle Twiddle' which, when she's really smitten with me, she shortens to just plain 'Twiddles'! I am usually a very busy boy (following my sister, avoiding my brother and trying to permanently attach myself to my Mom's hip) but I thought I'd take some time to share some of my favorite things with you. Feel free to try some of these for yourself since I know you probably wish you could be like me (minus the diapers and stuff.)

The first rule to being cool, like me, is to suck on your fingers. At first, your Mom will think this is great because she doesn't have to keep up with pacifiers, but that's only until she remembers that toddlers' fingers tend to be really dirty (oh, but not mine, of course.)
Next you need to have a white, silk blankie (lovey). You can call it your "Nee-nee" (my brother's idea) and try to take it with you everywhere, even though Mommy says it's supposed to be only for night-night ("nigh-nigh") time.
Here is Nee-nee at the science museum...
... and at the petting zoo. (I was pretty proud of myself for pulling that one off.) Mommy gave Nee-nee a bath after that trip.

This is my best furry friend, Murphy. He loves me and really likes it when I hit him on the head and pull his tail. I know this because he always licks my face and sits next to my chair while I eat.
Murphy also likes it when I pet him with my Nee-nee. Nee-nee has multi-purposes.
Besides Nee-nee, my other favorite worldly possession is my broom(s). I'm really good at sweeping. Sometimes when Mommy is using her broom and makes a little pile of stuff I use my broom to spread it all back out again. I know Mommy really appreciates my help.
My favorite place to be is in my Daddy's Truck ("Guck"). He lets me run around in the back and sit on his lap to play with the steering wheel. Sometimes we go "muddin' " but we're not supposed to tell Mommy that.
The truck is cool because I get to sit right beside my brother and sister, and I have a really great view of all the little cars below.
I also love to 'tinker' with things. Especially electronic and dangerous things!
Anything musical is fun too. I have a really cool squatting dance I like to do when I hear music. I guess I'm kind of a trendsetter 'cause when I do the 'squatty dance' everyone else starts laughing and doing it too. Copy-cats!

This is another favorite spot of mine. The Pantry. I visit it several times a day. I bring all kinds of good things to Mommy from here. Sometimes she lets me snack on them and other times she says to "put it away, Lukie." I usually just drop it on the floor and try to get into the refrigerator instead. Putting away is not as fun as taking out. (Oh, and if it happens to be crackers that I drop on my way to the fridge, and if I happen to step on those crackers, I get to watch Mommy take out the broom again. So it's still a win-win situation for me.)
Yeah, eating is a good thing.
It makes me happy....
...anywhere, anytime.
And of course one must stay well hydrated too.Since there are so many activities to do, like...

Climbing... (On tables is my favorite.)Exploring...Running...Throwing...Digging...Splashing...... and of course, moving furniture.

And c'mon, who doesn't love just about anything with wheels?
Do I wear overalls and drive NASCAR? Well, we are in the South, aren't we?
Sometimes I get tired and leave the driving to my chauffeur.
Ok, I'll admit it. I do have a soft spot for my big sister too.Here are a few more of my top picks: (I highly recommend them!)
My Omi
My Opa
My Daddy
That's all for now folks! Y'all come back and see us real soon, ya hear?