Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let the giving begin!

Are you ready to be blessed by blessing others? You are, aren't you? I thought so. Here is a great opportunity to do just that and have a chance at winning some really cool prizes. Jump on over to MckMama's and check out the Rebel for a Cause Raffle-way.

Your giving supports String of Pearls, No Hands but Ours, and The Elison Project.

And if those of you in Nashville are looking for some good spending destinations this holiday season, instead of the mall, here are a few great local options for you The Nashville Rescue Mission (it costs less than $2 to give someone a meal), Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital, The GEAR Foundation (providing jobs to disabled people) or Murphy's favorite HappyTales Humane .

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Fullness

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I hope you all had a very full day.
Ours was full of...


family and friends.
There is so much fullness to give thanks for, and that's just what we did, together.
Chrissy fell in love with the newest family member, Palmer. He's Samantha and Jamie's baby.
Here are the boys meeting Palmer, or "Puffer" as Jonah calls him.

Sweet Lukie had an ear infection, went to bed early and missed most of the feasting. But don't worry, there were plent of leftovers to share in the next day. Especially... portion of this poor bird who gave it's life for our feast.

Jonah and Laney being coached into becoming 'Kissing Cousins'.

"La La Tennessee Hills" as sung by Omi.

Little Laney getting her groove on. So sweet!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday Bonanza

Autumn is a busy time for birthdays in our family. Here is a little re-cap of the most recent ones we've shared.
First there is Omi's birthday... (Here she is with her three favorite gifts.)

... followed by my birthday, the very next day. My Daddy always give me flowers. Thanks Dad! And I'm 33 now, if you're wondering. I'm happy about my age because I believe Dad's favorite saying.

Then our sweet baby Lukie had his special 1st birthday. Who doesn't like to start their day off right with a birthday sugar rush cinnamon roll?
If only everyone were so lucky to have a brother and sister who loves them this much...
...or a to have a birthday hat that is this cool!
And then our darling oldest 'baby' turned FIVE! Wow.
We celebrated at a pottery painting party with a cupcake theme.

Daddy and Jonah needed a break from all of the 'girl stuff' and decided to go rockin' instead.

Happy 51st birthday Maya and Luke... or, maybe, 5th and 1st!

Mr. Mac and Mini-Mac.

"Yes, I'm one and NO, I still do not like this hat!"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost Pumpkin Fest

I was just looking through some pictures and realized that when I mentioned the Pumpkin Fest/mall trip in this post I should've shared the pictures with you too. So here they are:

Here we are on our brief stroll down Main Street. Maya and Jonah were so sweet, just hanging on to either side of the stroller, very protective of their baby brother, who was actually pretty content, as long as Mommy kept moving. You see, Luke has never been what you might refer to as, 'complacent with confinement', I could tell you many carseat stories...

Little aviators.

"The food court is where?"

Oh, you were expecting to see pictures of Luke crawling in the 'germ infested play area'? But that never happened. Remember?

Monday, November 10, 2008


I've been thinking alot lately, about a great variety of things. Mostly our society. Why we do what we do and how. What is "normal" and is that where I want to be? The most important question I ask is "Is that what I really want for my children?" We are programmed in our world to 'fit in', to do what's expected, what's always been done. But why? For what... and who? Are we THINKING?!

I know I am speaking in broad terms, but that is because I am thinking about a wide variety of issues. A few are: schooling, nutrition, entertainment, finances, etc... I don't have all, or hardly any, of the answers (yet). I've been feeling bad about that. I guess in my disease of perfectionism if a question arises I feel I need an answer immediately. When I get an answer I want to do the 'right thing', right away. I'm praying for patience, discernment... and conviction.

Here is one thing that caught my attention (to say the least... actually, I was in tears) today. It's a video called "Meet your Meat". Although the phrase "ignorance is bliss" holds very true, I also believe "you are what you eat" is every bit as compelling.

I also just finished reading 'Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God' by Francis Chan. I recommend it to anyone who considers themself to be a Christian. Are you really walking with Christ, or just a fan of His? I'm not telling anyone what to do, or how to think. (I just said I don't have all the answers.) I just hope, in a society so focused on doing, we will all challenge ourselves to THINK as well. I am, and if you have questions, or answers, I'd love for you to share them in the comments.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Fun at Gentry's Farm

A few weeks ago we enjoyed our annual family trip to Gentry's Farm. I always love the opportunity to breathe in the warmth and joy that is all things Fall. My favorite season, at one of my favorite places, with my favorite people. Life is sweet.

Sifting and sorting...

...sorting and sifting.

They thought that the numbers represented their ages. Maya wondered why she didn't reach the four like Jonah reached the three... good thing this was before Maya turned five.


Mr. Jimmy Gentry. Jonah was excited to meet the 'real live farmer man' in person and I was glad to get to thank him again for sharing his farm with us. His book, 'An American Life' is on my To Read list.

One very lucky blessed Mom.

Daddy, "happily" bringing in our harvest: 1 extra large pumpkin, 4 mid-sized, 3 small, 3 minis, including 1 conjoined twin pumpkin, 1 'lunchlady' pumpkin, lots of unique gourds and a t-shirt. I told you this was my favorite season, didn't I? At least I refrained from also adding a cinderella pumpkin and a bouquet of hand-picked sunflowers, like I wanted.

Speaking of the sunflower picking reminds me of a picture from last year's Gentry Farm trip. It was about 2 weeks before Baby Luke was born. And, only because I love you, I guess I will share it. Whoa, look at that belly! I'm surprised no one accused me of trying to smuggle a pumpkin.

Oh, and when I went to find that picture, look what else I found (from 2007.)

See what I mean about growing too fast?!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Here is a fun idea from MckMama, I thought I'd jump in on today.

This past week, no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, I most certainly did not:

Knowingly take my kids to the pumpkin fest after Luke's nap (because there is no way we go anywhere during his nap time) even though I knew all of the kid's games would be closed by then. And when I felt bad that there was nothing left for them to do, we did not take them to the mall to ride the carosel and certainly didn't let them play in the germ infested play area.

While in the germ infested play area (if we were to have been there, which of course we weren't) I most certainly did not let my baby crawl around on the filthy carpet for at least a full minute before I got too grossed out and had to pick him up and wash his hands.

I absolutely have not, on more than one evening this week, wasted countless hours following politics online, or freinds on Facebook, simply because I couldn't mentally bear to do any more housework that day. I am a much better planner of my time than that.

I also would never waste further time looking and laughing at 'pieces of flare' on Facebook because I completely disapprove of engaging in such mindless activity.

I did not just sit there and not help as my husband cleaned up the mess my kids made by pulling the stuffing out of the couch cushions just because I was tired and needed someone else to see what ridiculous things they do and how exhausting it is to clean up after them.

I totally did not complain to my husband that we never have time to talk but then when we did have time I didn't completely forget everything I had wanted to talk to him about. At that point I didn't seriously consider keeping a list during the week of what we need to talk abot so that we can catch up on the weekends. Because that would not only be pathetic, to have such a poor memory that you have to keep a list of things to talk about, but also really, really dorky. I'm glad I am so not that dorky.

I certainly have not laughed to myself this week as I realized I've totally not turned in to everything I thought I would never be when I was a teenager: An ultra conservative, suburban, mini-van driving, mom of three who loves Jesus, daydreams about owning lots of land and enjoys listening to christian, country and most of all, talk radio. Nope that's not me at all!

I definitely do not think that MckMama was right that 'Not Me Monday' is great therapy and I will absolutely not be posting it again.

Ahhh. :) Ok your turn! Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rest of Rosemary

As promised, here are a few more pictures from our Rosemary Beach trip last month.

Somewhere in Alabama.

Poolside presents from Omi.

Our favorite playground attraction, the tire swing!

Library books in our pajamas - just like home.

Getting ready for some serious beach digging.

Luke kept himself busy too.

Sitting next to a real live pirate. In other words, the highlight of the trip for Jonah. (I think this is also the only picture of all of us together on the trip.)

Arrrghhh, we be hungry!