Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Fun at Gentry's Farm

A few weeks ago we enjoyed our annual family trip to Gentry's Farm. I always love the opportunity to breathe in the warmth and joy that is all things Fall. My favorite season, at one of my favorite places, with my favorite people. Life is sweet.

Sifting and sorting...

...sorting and sifting.

They thought that the numbers represented their ages. Maya wondered why she didn't reach the four like Jonah reached the three... good thing this was before Maya turned five.


Mr. Jimmy Gentry. Jonah was excited to meet the 'real live farmer man' in person and I was glad to get to thank him again for sharing his farm with us. His book, 'An American Life' is on my To Read list.

One very lucky blessed Mom.

Daddy, "happily" bringing in our harvest: 1 extra large pumpkin, 4 mid-sized, 3 small, 3 minis, including 1 conjoined twin pumpkin, 1 'lunchlady' pumpkin, lots of unique gourds and a t-shirt. I told you this was my favorite season, didn't I? At least I refrained from also adding a cinderella pumpkin and a bouquet of hand-picked sunflowers, like I wanted.

Speaking of the sunflower picking reminds me of a picture from last year's Gentry Farm trip. It was about 2 weeks before Baby Luke was born. And, only because I love you, I guess I will share it. Whoa, look at that belly! I'm surprised no one accused me of trying to smuggle a pumpkin.

Oh, and when I went to find that picture, look what else I found (from 2007.)

See what I mean about growing too fast?!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Here is a fun idea from MckMama, I thought I'd jump in on today.

This past week, no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, I most certainly did not:

Knowingly take my kids to the pumpkin fest after Luke's nap (because there is no way we go anywhere during his nap time) even though I knew all of the kid's games would be closed by then. And when I felt bad that there was nothing left for them to do, we did not take them to the mall to ride the carosel and certainly didn't let them play in the germ infested play area.

While in the germ infested play area (if we were to have been there, which of course we weren't) I most certainly did not let my baby crawl around on the filthy carpet for at least a full minute before I got too grossed out and had to pick him up and wash his hands.

I absolutely have not, on more than one evening this week, wasted countless hours following politics online, or freinds on Facebook, simply because I couldn't mentally bear to do any more housework that day. I am a much better planner of my time than that.

I also would never waste further time looking and laughing at 'pieces of flare' on Facebook because I completely disapprove of engaging in such mindless activity.

I did not just sit there and not help as my husband cleaned up the mess my kids made by pulling the stuffing out of the couch cushions just because I was tired and needed someone else to see what ridiculous things they do and how exhausting it is to clean up after them.

I totally did not complain to my husband that we never have time to talk but then when we did have time I didn't completely forget everything I had wanted to talk to him about. At that point I didn't seriously consider keeping a list during the week of what we need to talk abot so that we can catch up on the weekends. Because that would not only be pathetic, to have such a poor memory that you have to keep a list of things to talk about, but also really, really dorky. I'm glad I am so not that dorky.

I certainly have not laughed to myself this week as I realized I've totally not turned in to everything I thought I would never be when I was a teenager: An ultra conservative, suburban, mini-van driving, mom of three who loves Jesus, daydreams about owning lots of land and enjoys listening to christian, country and most of all, talk radio. Nope that's not me at all!

I definitely do not think that MckMama was right that 'Not Me Monday' is great therapy and I will absolutely not be posting it again.

Ahhh. :) Ok your turn! Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rest of Rosemary

As promised, here are a few more pictures from our Rosemary Beach trip last month.

Somewhere in Alabama.

Poolside presents from Omi.

Our favorite playground attraction, the tire swing!

Library books in our pajamas - just like home.

Getting ready for some serious beach digging.

Luke kept himself busy too.

Sitting next to a real live pirate. In other words, the highlight of the trip for Jonah. (I think this is also the only picture of all of us together on the trip.)

Arrrghhh, we be hungry!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Splish Splash They were Makin' Me Laugh

The house we stayed in at Rosemary Beach had it's own private pool. It was perfect for us and just right after a hot day at the beach or for Mommy to lounge by as Baby Luke took his naps inside. I actually got to read a whole book while we were there - Heaven! (I read 'The Shack' in case you were curious.)

Best Friends for Life! (I've made them promise to stay that way. And I will guilt them forever, in the way that only a loving mother can, if they don't.)

Charlie's newset angel (and most beautiful, if I may say so myself.)

My sweet angelic boy (most likely contemplating how to get away with squirting his sister in the head with a water gun.)

The only problem with our preciously perfect private pool... the crocodiles!!

There was one with red hair...

...and a blonde one too!

We tried to get our money back for having to tame such wild creatures on our otherwise peaceful gettaway, but not only were we refused a refund, we were told we'd have to keep the little creatures, take them back home with us and raise them to adulthood!

Never saw that in the brochure.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Tale of Two Sands

(These pictures are from our Rosemary Beach trip in September. More on that later, I promise.)

There are two types of sand. One for playing, and one for eating.

What? You didn't know about the eating kind? Well, it is very tasty. I know this because Luke told me.

So here I will share with you a few pictures from Luke's first, and last, day at the beach this year. It was fun while it lasted, but it didn't last long. He just would. not. stop. eating the sand! After much insistance on my part that it was "yucky! No, no Lukie" I quit trying to fight him and told Chris to "just go ahead and let him put some in his mouth and he'll figure out real quick that it's a bad idea." Hmm, yeah Mom, brilliant idea. My little 'reverse psychology' backfired. After one taste he wanted more, and more... I kept waiting for him to catch on that sand in your mouth was a bad thing. Finally Chris put an end to it saying that even if Luke thought sand in your mouth was a good thing, he thought sand in your tummy probably wasn't. I mean we're talking potential permanent intestinal blockage here!

We were able to distract him with the "Let's Dig a Hole to China" Project for a little while but then he started trying to drink the ocean water that begin filling it up. A few more minutes of that and Daddy caved in and took our wet, sandy, sticky, hot and sleepy baby back to the house for a bath while Maya, Jonah and I kept up with the digging project. I enjoyed the sudden blissful peacefulness and when I looked at Jonah I thought, "He's only 2 and a half years older than Luke and it's amazig how much more he can do." Again, I always seem to go back to the realization that they are growing up so incredibly fast. I want to take each moment and freeze it. Soak it up and hold it close to my heart.... Well, most moments.

Mr. Worker Man, ready for the big dig.

Yes, let the digging party begin!

Luke says, "Ok, yeah, that shovel was cool, but... is that some fresh sand over there?"

"Oh yeah, now were talking. This is the good stuff!"

"Let's see. Exfoliated Face? Check. Sea salt hand scrub? Check check."

"Better make sure I get in all of the grooves here. It might be a while before my next manicure."

"Oh yes and the salt water mousse. I just love the volume it gives my hair. So invigorating!"

The rest of the family, back from testing out the water. Looks like Chris thought it was fabulous! ;-)
(Sorry hon. I just couldn't resist.)
"Hmm, this looks like it could be a useful tool in my quest for finer, more sofisticated tasting sand. Gourmet sand, if you will."
"Yup, I think we've found it. Once we dig all the way to China, I will begin importing my own brand. 'Luke's Gourmet Asian Spice Sand'. Maybe we can sell through catalogs..."
So while our little gourmet entrepreneur was home getting sand scrubbed out of his ears, my other two worker bees continued their job of sand pool perfecting. Don't we all love a project?