Friday, March 27, 2009

A Visit from Tink

Our favorite woodland fairy, Tinkerbell, finally found the letters that Maya and her friend had left for her, tucked into the bottom of the wood pile (you know, like where spiders and snakes live. Both of which I would rather avoid.) So Mommy Tinkerbell did what any good Mommy fairy would do. She responded back with a very nice letter (if I may say so myself) and brought them some charm bracelets, along with the "garden and winter pixie dust" they had requested. Thanks Wal-Mart Tink!!
And what were the boys up to during the great Tink discovery? Sharing a bit of brothery love, of course. 'Cause that's what all brothers do, all the time, right?
and climbing...
...and chiming.
Sisterly love usually comes with a few tickles.
After all of the Tink excitement, Maya thought close-ups would be a good idea.
I'm thinking, maybe not. (Can someone please teach me Photoshop for these wrinkles?!)
Of course Jonah's "close-up" was really an action shot.
And Luke? Yeah, he was just plum thrilled about it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Few February Faves

So here is some randomness for you. Just a couple of my favorite images from February. Yes, I know we're well into March by now, but, life happens.I've been trying to learn more about my camera (and photography in general.) Honestly, it's been alot harder, for me, than I thought. I'm reading, and re-reading (and Chris is explaining and re-explaining) but I'm still not grasping some of the basic concepts. (Plus, I had put my photography self-teaching on hold while I've been researching some other stuff lately. More on that later...)
I'll keep trying, but till then, please have mercy on my skills and I'll just be grateful for the automatic setting on my camera. (Those are my boots by the way. I shot that while experimenting with some manual settings.... I know, my feet are huge!)As you can imagine, February was full of sweets. The eatable kind and the huggable kind. I like both!
Now we know where Jonah learned his cookie decorating etiquette from. Luke checking out the consequences of all that splashing. I didn't love the mess, but I love this shot. And I sure do love that little mess maker!

True love.
Ok, I promise not to make him wear that hat again.

Miss fashionista strikes a pose.

Opa and his little buddy. They went to see the train exhibits together and had a great time.

Omi shows Luke how they did things "back in the day".

Sunbathing. He really is the best family dog ever. We love you Murphy!!

Prayer chimes.
Getting a push from Little Mister Stripeypants.

Happiness. Joy. Fun. Etc...

The 'Valentines Assembly' bonanza. (Pirates and Fairies. How'd you guess?)

Sweet face.
Sneaky face."Can I climb higher?" face. Oh Captain, my Captain...

Farewell, dear friends, until next post!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Funny Little Valentines

Getting ready to leave for preschool and some super fun Valentine's parties.
They really do love each other this much. They also squabble on occasion, but most of the time, it's love, love, love! (Especially when a camera is involved.)

Well, every good pastry chef does a taste test when creating a masterpiece, you know.

And this lovely 'love necklace' was all for ME!
Dear Ole Mom joining in on the fun for as long as they'll let me.

The Afterschool Tree Climbers Club. My little monkeys are always up for a good climb. (It's the most loved/abused magnolia tree I know of.)

So, in closing, we'd just like to give you all a big "Thumbs Up!"

Alright, I guess I have to tell you about this one... I just love this picture 'cause as soon as I saw it I said to myself, "That's my boy!" See, I have this kind of weird habit of sticking up my thumb when I do certain things, like eat (in a hurry), or sometimes when I'm brushing my teeth (and I don't really know when else, because I usually don't realize I'm even doing it until Chris makes fun of me.)

I'm right-handed and when I'm concentrating on what the right hand is doing I guess that left thumb just kind of pops out, maybe for 'balance' or something. (?) Well, my sweet Jonah is a Leftie (for some reason I think that in itself is cute. Probably because I think everything that Jonah does is cute... but I digress...) so I guess since he's left-handed his right thumb has to do the balancing for him. I've always thought that Jonah was kind of like my mirror image... but much cuter, of course.

Happy very late Valentine's everyone! I hope it was filled with much love and my prayer is for that love to be floating all around you still.