Friday, January 30, 2009

Everyday Matters

This is the current, family favorite, daily activity. Everyone gets in on it. Lukie climbs into Jonah's dump truck (something Jonah did when he was the same age) and Maya and Jonah take him on a joy ride all around the house while Chris and I join in with corresponding sound effects. Luke especially loves the CRASH sound when they run into something and beep-beep-beep sound I make when we're backing him up. Cracks him up every time.

January brings one of the kids' favorite celebrations: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our GIGI!!!

Sweet Jonah practicing his tackles. He is SO active and spends most of his days either running somewhere or rolling around on the floor.

Maya and Sissy sculpting some playdough pastries.

My little Super Snacker. He has made himself very familiar with the pantry lately and helps himself to his favorties; raisins and granola bars.

Isn't he such a cutie patootie?!? Don't you just want to scoop him up and smooch all over those sweet cheeks? Don't worry, I did.
Another birthday we celebrated was Jonah's sweet teacher. I am the Room Mom for his class and have the most wonderfully helpful group of fellow mommies there. They all jumped in to help me throw her a great party.
Lukie loved being at the party too. He was thrilled to explore the fun filled classroom, as long as Mommy didn't venture too far away.

On some most days we have moments when a we all need a little break, from activities and each other. This was their idea when I told them to "just stay away from each other".

And while we are on the subject of everyday things, I just have to tell you that, while I do not wish away even one minute of my children's childhoods, I am looking forward to the day when all of my toilet paper rolls (and bathroom walls) no longer look like this.

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