Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Super Hubby To the Rescue

I really must share with you one of the things my sweet husband took it upon himself to do for us this weekend. Surely you remember the messes left behind when we escaped to Build-A-Bear in my last post. (Hopefully it didn't cause too many nightmares for you.)

Well, that shoe pile continued growing right out of that closet, until it was no longer possible to even shove the door closed. So my dear Hubby took matters into his own hands and tackled that beast of a closet. My friends, I present to you....


...and AFTER! (Look!! You can see the floor!)

(The shelves were a bonus.)

Now, let's all give Chris the round of applause he deserves for stepping up to a challenge (and keep our fingers crossed that we can keep it this way, for at least another week.) Thank you my dear!

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