Friday, February 6, 2009

Snow Teaser

I LOVE living in Nashville. It's a beautiful, wonderful place. There are so many reasons I am thankful to be raising my family here. One of those reasons, however, is NOT because of the abundance of fluffy, fresh snow to play in all winter. It's been plenty cold, off and on, but there really hasn't been any decent snowman-making snow. Still, we did recently have a "snow day" that cancelled pre-school. There was less than an inch at our house, all of which was melted by Noon, of course. With minimal time to get geared up for snow play, we scooted out in pajamas to enjoy it while it lasted.
Looking for more of that wonderous white stuff.
Showing Woody the snow. "Look closely Woody, veeeeery clooooosely."
Maya never wastes an opportunity to accessorize...

Murphy was also left unimpressed by this, so called, "Snow Day".

And our little super snacker? He was just busy doin' his thang!

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