Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just Grin and Bear It

By the end of last week we all had a little cabin fever. Between the 'Snow Day' (ahem) and Lukie being sick, I had been in the house for too long and was ready to get out and spend some fun time with my two eldest. It was decided that Build-A-Bear would be our destination of choice.

So even though Maya had been having fun with water colors...

...and Jonah had been busying himself making upside-down "J"s out of his cereal...

...we decided to leave this fussy baby, with his finger-sucking...
...and blankie-clutching grumpiness, with our Omi. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Thank Heaven for Grandparents!"

A few other things that were gladly left behind;
this mess,this mess,and this mess. (It looks like the shoes are almost growing out of that closet. Scary!)
After carfefully making our selections, we did a little stuffing...

(here is Maya giving her baby a heart)

... some bathing and some brushing...

... and of course, some dressing. (You know I had to give Maya a limit on the number of accessories.)

So, without further ado, I present to you:
Princess Sweet Tart!

and Puffy Wuffy! (a.k.a. Spida-may-un, da Supa Hee-woe)

We took our new friends for a spin on the carousel.

And what mall trip would be complete without a NASCAR victory?

"Just a few more quarters? Pleeeease??"

Yup, a super fun time was had by all!

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Jenn said...

Well, I'm glad you posted it!! I've been tagged so many times I cannot keep up. Your kiddos are all so cute!