Friday, January 30, 2009

Everyday Matters

This is the current, family favorite, daily activity. Everyone gets in on it. Lukie climbs into Jonah's dump truck (something Jonah did when he was the same age) and Maya and Jonah take him on a joy ride all around the house while Chris and I join in with corresponding sound effects. Luke especially loves the CRASH sound when they run into something and beep-beep-beep sound I make when we're backing him up. Cracks him up every time.

January brings one of the kids' favorite celebrations: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our GIGI!!!

Sweet Jonah practicing his tackles. He is SO active and spends most of his days either running somewhere or rolling around on the floor.

Maya and Sissy sculpting some playdough pastries.

My little Super Snacker. He has made himself very familiar with the pantry lately and helps himself to his favorties; raisins and granola bars.

Isn't he such a cutie patootie?!? Don't you just want to scoop him up and smooch all over those sweet cheeks? Don't worry, I did.
Another birthday we celebrated was Jonah's sweet teacher. I am the Room Mom for his class and have the most wonderfully helpful group of fellow mommies there. They all jumped in to help me throw her a great party.
Lukie loved being at the party too. He was thrilled to explore the fun filled classroom, as long as Mommy didn't venture too far away.

On some most days we have moments when a we all need a little break, from activities and each other. This was their idea when I told them to "just stay away from each other".

And while we are on the subject of everyday things, I just have to tell you that, while I do not wish away even one minute of my children's childhoods, I am looking forward to the day when all of my toilet paper rolls (and bathroom walls) no longer look like this.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Time for Our Titans

Please excuse the frizzy hair. (I'm a girl. We have to give disclaimers like that, right?)
Chris and I got to go to, what turned out to be, the last Titans game of the season. Titans v. Ravens in the playoffs. I could ramble on about bad officiating... but regardless, we had a really great time. I can't wait to go again next season. And I'm sure Chris is just as excited at the thought of taking his wife every time he's able to get tickets too.

It was freezing cold and misting rain the whole time. But the energy in the stadium was awesome. Tennessee fans really are the best in football. (I can say that as a UT Vol Alumn.)

Looks Like Another 'Not Me Monday'

In an attempt to get some free therapy, and in the hopes of avoiding the laundry, dishes, etc., I thought I'd jump on MckMama's bandwagon again this morning to share some of the things I did NOT do last week.

I did NOT find out Friday that I have Kidney Stones. 'Cause that isn't very fun, or cool. And if I did have kidney stones, I certainly wouldn't blog about it. I mean, who cares about kidney stones? Not me!

And I did NOT, at this very moment, in my mind, curse the garbage truck because it is the absolute LOUDEST vehicle ever made and ALWAYS comes right during Luke's nap time. I am very grateful for those nice men who come every week to take away our diaper filled trash and I would never feel a sense of dread when I see them driving up the street just because I'm super obsessed with Luke getting undisturbed naps (so that I can do really important things like blogging about it all.)

I also did NOT just eat too much chocolate to resolve my stress because everyone knows that that would be counterproductive. And I run a tight ship here. No room for counterproductivity. Blogging about chocolate, loud trash trucks and kidney stones would never be done before the laundry in this house.

And if I did blog about random things before tackling the impending 'To Do List', I certainly would NOT then take the undeserved liberty to complain later about how "I just have so much to do and never have enough time." Sorry Honey.

When thinking if I had any Not Me's to report I did NOT just have to look at my calendar to see what in the world I even did last week. Running a tight ship means staying very organized. I would never let my life just rush by me in a big blur, so quickly that I can't even remember my days one week to the next. Who does that? Not me!

Ahh, yes, once again I do feel better. Not that I felt bad. You know, 'cause I didn't do any of that stuff anyway. Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adventures in Science

Over New Year's break we took a family outing to the Adventure Science Center. It was great family fun, perfect for a rainy day.

I especially loved this 'Earth Orbiting the Sun' model because Jonah likes to ask me this same question every night when it's dark outside, "Mommy, where is the Sun?" I give him the same honest answer, every night, about how the Sun is still in the same place but the earth is turning around it and we just can't see it right now... etc." He always smiles, and more than what I'm saying, I think he just likes the consistancy with which I'm saying it. Same question, same answer, every night.

I love being a Mom.

Everything was very hands on and designed for kids. It was so nice for them to run around and explore without having to tell them "No" or "Don't touch that." They hear that enough everywhere else.

The Mad Scientist! He found a button that turned on a light and so... that's where we stayed for the next 30 minutes.
Driving the ambulance.

And riding the Magic Schoolbus.

This interesting exhibit explained the importance of wearing a bike helmet. I really tried to emphasize the message to ensure that they would rememeber to always wear theirs. They were more interested in making the heads slam together and watching the brains jiggle around.

And here they are exiting what is supposed to represent our lower intestines... I'll let you guess what sound it makes on the way down.
Mommy lends a hand at snack time.
And Daddy captures the memories.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Just because were in the middle of Winter doesn't mean we can't enjoy some good family fun outdoors, especially in the yo-yo cold, warm, freezing, then warm again weather we've been having here. Every day is a new adventure!

Showing off their new wheels.

Lukie also got a fun new ride.

Making Opa WORK.
Sweet Jonie at the park.

Always looking for the next big climb.
Can you find the hidden Maya?
Yes and Mommy was there too, in case you wondered.

And if not at Omi and Opa's, or the park, there is always plenty of fun and adventure right in our own back yard.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Remember December?

I'm sorry that I never got around to posting much here during the month of December. We were a bit busy, as I'm sure you all were too! There was alot going on, but it was all good stuff and for that I am thankful. I hope you all had a joyous Christmas season and I wish you many blessings in 2009.
Our shower for Stacy and Baby Ashtyn... who Auntie Tanya can't wait to meet any day now!

After more than four years of nagging, guilt-tripping, and peer-pressuring, our dear dear DEAR Nicky-T finally came to visit us for a very fun-filled week.

Nic and I took two days off from being Mommy and Auntie to enjoy a road trip to Atlanta and got to spend time with our lifelong friends, Shelley and Shannon. Thanks girls for so much fun and so many belly laughs. (Frozen Monkey Toes and posessed closet lights!)

Jonah with some Preschool buddies at their 'Birthday Party for Jesus'.

On our way to the Preschool Christmas Program. The kids love riding in Daddy's new truck.

Jonah, however, does NOT love geting his picture taken. Maybe I've mentioned that...

Maya with her two fabulous teachers. We love them.

Jonah with his awesome teacher who we consider to be a great blessing to our family.

Maya, front and center. :) She really enjoyed singing in the Christmas Program and took it very seriously. I was so proud of her. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm ALWAYS proud of her!

Jonah, back right (making a funny face) loved the music. He was jammin' during the intro.

Our family Christmas dinner at Sandy's house. Luke was checking out all of Laney's cool toys.

My Loveable Little Lumberjack, Luke.

Never fear, Sir Jonah is here!

Our annual Magnolia Christmas lunch. This group of ladies means so much to me. Almost as dear as "work friends". ;-)

Christmas Eve at Omi & Opa's provided a quick photo op before church. I was able to wrestle Luke into holding still for 1.3seconds to take this picture. Have I mentioned that he is a wild man?
New robes on Christmas morning, as if they weren't already cuddley enough.

It looks like Obi Wan doesn't stand a chance against the scurvy pirates' sneak attack. (Stocking stuffers.)
My favorite present.

My favorite present.

My favorite present.

And I'll leave you with some bathtub fun, just because I think it's adorable and because I have to give my kids something to be upset with me about when they're older.

Well ok, just one more of our little Wild Child. He sure has been a handful lately, phew!