Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bird Soup

We love to play outside. My kids could spend all day, every day outside. Especially if dirt is involved. One of their favorite things to do is to make "Bird Soup". It think it started at my parent's house when they discovered the bird bath full of water. They started throwing random pieces of grass and twigs in, in an effort to "feed the birds". If they could dig up a worm or find any other type of insect to throw in, that was an extra bonus. So now, anytime they can find any accumulation of water outside they begin the detailed task of making more bird soup with whatever 'topppings' they find available. Maya must have certain bird soup recipes in mind because she is always giving Jonah very specific instructions on what to add and exactly how much. This doesn't bother Jonah at all. In fact, I think he likes following her instructions. God made them so perfectly for one another. And I'm so glad that they are so close in age too. I wonder what they'll say when they grow up and realize that they really aren't going to marry each other, as they have planned now.

In Your Eyes

I just had to share this "interesting" picture of Maya. Overall I think it's a cool picture. I think she looks beautiful. But there is something about it that's a bit creepy too. It's not her, but the water I guess. Like out of a scary movie.

The most interseting part to me though, is her eyes. In person her eyes are a very light blue, with maybe a tinge of greenish near the pupil. But don't they look totally green in this picture?

Compare it to the picture of her in the white dress in the previous post and you'll see what I mean. Creepy, huh?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sweet Maya. She's never met a camera she didn't like. I so admire her tenacity. Every time she's been in front of the lens recently we've been given poses like these:

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Non-Mom

I just came back from a super fabulous fun filled girl's weekend in Orange Beach. We were celebrating our dear Samantha's Bachelorette Party. We all had such a great time and I really enjoyed having some non-Mom time. (Not that you ever stop being a Mom no matter where your kids are or how old they get. But at least I didn't have to cut up other peoples food for them or wipe any bottoms!) Are there any more pictures you ask? Of Course (I took over 100.) Am I posting them here? Of course not! :)

Thanks girls for a lovely weekend and thanks Samantha and Jamie for giving us such a beautiful reason to celebrate.

(And especially thanks to my super hubby for being a super Daddy too while Mommy was out playing.) LOVE YOU!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Speaking of birthdays... what I would like for my birthday, Christmas, Valentines and anything else you can think of, is gift certificates to Uchida Photography. We recently had some amazing pictures taken there of Baby Luke (Thanks Tom and Danielle!) And yesterday I selected the layout for his 'footprints collection' collage. Please don't judge the quality here because it is just a scanned image of the paper print out I brought home to show Chris.

These are few more of our favorites from that session.
Can anyone please tell me why I didn't have more portraits done earlier? (Actually don't. I have enough guilt.) For some reason it is just hitting me lately how incredibly fast my kids are growing up. (Do I mention that in every post?) I know, I know, everyone did warn me that that would happen, and I really did believe them, but I just don't think I totally 'got it'. Well, now I 'get it' and since I can't slow time down, I think the next best thing is to cherish and capture as much of it as I can.
I'm planning on doing a family portrait this year and hopefully individual sessions with Maya and Jonah too. But I'm kind of waiting for Maya's hair to grow out a little more from the last haircut she gave herself. Yeah, she took a good two inch chunk out of the center of her bangs and it's taken all Summer to grow back out. And I also thought about waiting until I finally drop those few remaining (thirty) pounds, but I figure it will be a better family portrait if it's taken sometime this century. (Ooh, unless Tom has one of those magic lenses I was looking for...)

So how 'bout sharing? What are some of your most cherished pictures?

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Chris turned 33 this week. Here are pictures from the party at Gigi's house.

I can't tell you how exciting it was for me to get a picture with everyone (Jonah) actually looking at the camera.
Baby Luke with Cousin Isaac.

In case you are wondering what we got for Daddy, I will remind you of his Father's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's present... The AMG. Other than that, there are some new clothes and PS3 Guitar Hero.