Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adventures in Science

Over New Year's break we took a family outing to the Adventure Science Center. It was great family fun, perfect for a rainy day.

I especially loved this 'Earth Orbiting the Sun' model because Jonah likes to ask me this same question every night when it's dark outside, "Mommy, where is the Sun?" I give him the same honest answer, every night, about how the Sun is still in the same place but the earth is turning around it and we just can't see it right now... etc." He always smiles, and more than what I'm saying, I think he just likes the consistancy with which I'm saying it. Same question, same answer, every night.

I love being a Mom.

Everything was very hands on and designed for kids. It was so nice for them to run around and explore without having to tell them "No" or "Don't touch that." They hear that enough everywhere else.

The Mad Scientist! He found a button that turned on a light and so... that's where we stayed for the next 30 minutes.
Driving the ambulance.

And riding the Magic Schoolbus.

This interesting exhibit explained the importance of wearing a bike helmet. I really tried to emphasize the message to ensure that they would rememeber to always wear theirs. They were more interested in making the heads slam together and watching the brains jiggle around.

And here they are exiting what is supposed to represent our lower intestines... I'll let you guess what sound it makes on the way down.
Mommy lends a hand at snack time.
And Daddy captures the memories.

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