Monday, October 6, 2008

A Tale of Two Sands

(These pictures are from our Rosemary Beach trip in September. More on that later, I promise.)

There are two types of sand. One for playing, and one for eating.

What? You didn't know about the eating kind? Well, it is very tasty. I know this because Luke told me.

So here I will share with you a few pictures from Luke's first, and last, day at the beach this year. It was fun while it lasted, but it didn't last long. He just would. not. stop. eating the sand! After much insistance on my part that it was "yucky! No, no Lukie" I quit trying to fight him and told Chris to "just go ahead and let him put some in his mouth and he'll figure out real quick that it's a bad idea." Hmm, yeah Mom, brilliant idea. My little 'reverse psychology' backfired. After one taste he wanted more, and more... I kept waiting for him to catch on that sand in your mouth was a bad thing. Finally Chris put an end to it saying that even if Luke thought sand in your mouth was a good thing, he thought sand in your tummy probably wasn't. I mean we're talking potential permanent intestinal blockage here!

We were able to distract him with the "Let's Dig a Hole to China" Project for a little while but then he started trying to drink the ocean water that begin filling it up. A few more minutes of that and Daddy caved in and took our wet, sandy, sticky, hot and sleepy baby back to the house for a bath while Maya, Jonah and I kept up with the digging project. I enjoyed the sudden blissful peacefulness and when I looked at Jonah I thought, "He's only 2 and a half years older than Luke and it's amazig how much more he can do." Again, I always seem to go back to the realization that they are growing up so incredibly fast. I want to take each moment and freeze it. Soak it up and hold it close to my heart.... Well, most moments.

Mr. Worker Man, ready for the big dig.

Yes, let the digging party begin!

Luke says, "Ok, yeah, that shovel was cool, but... is that some fresh sand over there?"

"Oh yeah, now were talking. This is the good stuff!"

"Let's see. Exfoliated Face? Check. Sea salt hand scrub? Check check."

"Better make sure I get in all of the grooves here. It might be a while before my next manicure."

"Oh yes and the salt water mousse. I just love the volume it gives my hair. So invigorating!"

The rest of the family, back from testing out the water. Looks like Chris thought it was fabulous! ;-)
(Sorry hon. I just couldn't resist.)
"Hmm, this looks like it could be a useful tool in my quest for finer, more sofisticated tasting sand. Gourmet sand, if you will."
"Yup, I think we've found it. Once we dig all the way to China, I will begin importing my own brand. 'Luke's Gourmet Asian Spice Sand'. Maybe we can sell through catalogs..."
So while our little gourmet entrepreneur was home getting sand scrubbed out of his ears, my other two worker bees continued their job of sand pool perfecting. Don't we all love a project?

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