Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet Murphy

I realized I've left an important family member out of this blog. Sorry Murphy. Probably not surprising, since I sometimes forget to feed him too. Hold on, don't call the PETA people! Only once or twice, when Chris was out of town (since feeding Murphy is usually part of his routine instead of mine.) I've never forgotten to feed the kids though! That's good, right?

Murphy is the sweetest (unless he's going through the trash), most loyal (unless he's playing deaf while I'm calling his name), tolerant (unless there's a thunderstorm), loving (yet attention deprived) dog ever. He was an abused dog who was rescued by a retired Vet and taken to Happy Tales Humane. We adopted him in Dec. 2001 and he's loved us ever since. And even though I often tell him differently, I really do love him too, quirks and all, because he always generously returns the favor.

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