Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

Here is a fun idea from MckMama, I thought I'd jump in on today.

This past week, no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, I most certainly did not:

Knowingly take my kids to the pumpkin fest after Luke's nap (because there is no way we go anywhere during his nap time) even though I knew all of the kid's games would be closed by then. And when I felt bad that there was nothing left for them to do, we did not take them to the mall to ride the carosel and certainly didn't let them play in the germ infested play area.

While in the germ infested play area (if we were to have been there, which of course we weren't) I most certainly did not let my baby crawl around on the filthy carpet for at least a full minute before I got too grossed out and had to pick him up and wash his hands.

I absolutely have not, on more than one evening this week, wasted countless hours following politics online, or freinds on Facebook, simply because I couldn't mentally bear to do any more housework that day. I am a much better planner of my time than that.

I also would never waste further time looking and laughing at 'pieces of flare' on Facebook because I completely disapprove of engaging in such mindless activity.

I did not just sit there and not help as my husband cleaned up the mess my kids made by pulling the stuffing out of the couch cushions just because I was tired and needed someone else to see what ridiculous things they do and how exhausting it is to clean up after them.

I totally did not complain to my husband that we never have time to talk but then when we did have time I didn't completely forget everything I had wanted to talk to him about. At that point I didn't seriously consider keeping a list during the week of what we need to talk abot so that we can catch up on the weekends. Because that would not only be pathetic, to have such a poor memory that you have to keep a list of things to talk about, but also really, really dorky. I'm glad I am so not that dorky.

I certainly have not laughed to myself this week as I realized I've totally not turned in to everything I thought I would never be when I was a teenager: An ultra conservative, suburban, mini-van driving, mom of three who loves Jesus, daydreams about owning lots of land and enjoys listening to christian, country and most of all, talk radio. Nope that's not me at all!

I definitely do not think that MckMama was right that 'Not Me Monday' is great therapy and I will absolutely not be posting it again.

Ahhh. :) Ok your turn! Have a great week everyone.

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He & Me + 3 said...

I never thought I would be a mother of 3 or drive a mini van. Ugh...I so let my standards down when I drove off the lot in that chevy Venture. Never to return to cute sporty cars again...tears are flowing. LOl