Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wedded Bliss

On August 30th our dear friends Samantha and Jamie were married. Maya was the flower girl and Jonah the ring bearer, although he preferred to be called the prince. I believe that means Maya's prince, since all they can talk about now is marrying each other. I keep having to remind them that we're not from Kentucky. (Just kidding. That's a little jab at some dear friends, just to see if they are reading this.) Maya was a gorgeous little flower girl/princess who took her responsibility very seriously. And Jonah was the cutest ring bearer/prince ever (no bias here.) He tried very hard to smile for all the pictures (you all know that is not something he enjoys) and did everything we asked of him even though our poor little man was in the midst of a stomach bug, unbeknownst to any of the wedding party. There were a few choice moments where we thought he might toss his cookies in the middle of the ceremony, but my tough little guy pulled through, even to the reception where he finally got to dance with Mommy (and Maya with Daddy.)

There is a cute sidenote on that: earlier we had shown them our wedding video and when it got to the part at the reception where Chris and I had our first dance Jonah started crying and said "I wanted to dance with Mommy at the Ball!" They're taking this prince and princess stuff seriously, I'm telling you.
Mommy with the Prince and Princess.

Omi joins in the fun. Would you believe she made that beautiful wreath for Maya's hair? Those are real hydrangea from her garden. Thanks Mom!

Typical response to the camera.

Mom, Dr. Bill and Sandy (lovely Mother of the Bride).

Getting ready to walk down the aisle. I think it was about 30 seconds after I snapped this shot that Jonah announced "I have to throw up!" I grabbed him and began to dash to the bathroom, but looked back and saw only two more bridesmaids before their turn to walk. I looked down and asked him again how he felt. Miraculously, he said he was ok. So, down the aisle they went.

I hung back in the lobby with Baby Lukie and when the ceremony was over I was so proud that they made it back up the aisle too. Only, a few minutes later Chris, with a sweat soaked brow and big eyes, informed me that he had just endured another "I'm gonna puke" moment, apparently just as the bride and groom were announced husband and wife. Chris shoved our sweet, sick prince's head into a bag right as the happy couple were begining to walk back up the aisle. Jonah held his cookies though (what a trooper) and Daddy sent our lovely flower princess and ring prince back up the aisle, along with the rest of the wedding party and no one was the wiser. Phew!

A post ceremony celebratory hug.

My beautiful Flower Princess.

My sweet Ring Prince.

This is a short clip of Daddy and Maya dancing at "the ball." And Jonah being infatuated with his true love - the guitar. (Remember to scroll down and pause the blog playlist if you want to hear the video clip.)

And where are the lovely bride and groom, you ask? I can't believe this is the only picture I have of them that night. If I get a better one I'll update this.

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