Monday, July 21, 2008

A Walk in the Park

We had some fun at Crockett Park on Friday. It has always been Maya's favorite park. I assumed it was because of the castle in the middle, but she informed me that it's really because she loves the tire swing. (And I love the shade!)

La pièce de résistance - the tire swing. (Oh, how I love simple pleasures.)

Scaling Mt. Everest.

A brief break in their play planning for Mommy and the camera.

Luke practicing a little mulch munching. (Ok, it was cheerios. But he was very tempted by that mulch too.)
I decided I needed some proof that I was there too, in case someday my kids ever wonder if I really existed. My Mom fusses that I always sneak out of pictures or delete the ones that I'm in. I promise, as soon as I figure out how to airbrush them, you'll see me in more pictures. (I'm still looking for that magical camera lens that makes you lose 10 pounds with every shot.)

And two more happies for you:

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The Reid Family said...

You are too funny! If you ever do run across that -10 lb camera, please pick one up for me also. I promise to pay you back! Love the photos. ~Brooks