Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Princess and the Tea

Maya and Gigi hosted a Princess Tea party last weekend. Not for a birthday or any other special occasion, but just for fun! Isn't that great? So many days seem to be filled with 'need to's' and 'have to's' (or what we think we need or have to do... but that's another post) that I think it's wonderful to get to do something fun, just because you want to. Maya loves princesses and tea parties so Gigi invited some friends and their daughters/granddaughters over last Sunday for a Princess Tea Party. It was frilly and fabulous. Maya was in heaven!

Please notice the precious princess castle cake that our dear and talented friend, Marissa, made (and graciously invited Maya to help with.) Thank you, Marissa!

Princesses Cora, Maya and Lauren

Omi, Gigi, Princess Maya, Princess Cora and me! See? I do get in pictures occasionally (but only when I have cropping authority.)

Beautiful princess sisters, Leah and Maddie.

Three beloved generations of Villagers and the awesome Wilson girls.

My Amish friend, Jan (inside joke), and her sweet daughter Marissa, the cake artist.

Snow White (Princess Cora) getting ready to fit her tiara.

Lovely Princess Leah and her magic mirror.

So what else do princesses do besides sip tea, you ask? Well, dance, of course!

And in case you were wondering where Jonah was during all of this girliness... He was Opa's fishing buddy! When he got home he proudly spread his arms out wide and said, "I caught a fish thiiiis big!" Too cute, my buddy boy, toooo cute.

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Jessica Thompson said...

What a great idea. Looks like a great time was had by all!