Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Digital Scrapbook

I am a proud, card holding member of the 'Scrapbooking Drop Out Club'. Although, I don't think I can even call myself a drop out since I never really got started. I scrapbooked one time and ended up with six pages after NINE HOURS of work. Clearly not my forte. I decided that the goal of one day completing our three little baby albums is probably about all I can manage. Hey, we all have our gifts and scrapbooking is obviously not mine. So, here's a quick 'digital scrapbooking' session fo ya. Enjoy! (And please use your imagination to add in all those cute little decorations.)

Maya loves to help with her baby brother. She is very careful with him and as you can tell from the next picture, did a much cleaner job feeding him the peas than I did with the carrots.

Before bath...

...and after bath.

Here is Jonah (how'd you guess?) after his first class at MyGym. He loves it!

If you like the shirt check out EmTanner's other designs (the lunch boxes and plates are adorable.) You can also read my review on Mommies with Style which includes a great coupon code.

Daddy and Lukie having fun at the birthday picnic for Uncle Brian at Arrington Vinyards. "The only thing that seperates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize!" - Clairee in 'Steel Magnolias'.

Sweet self portrait - I didn't know she had taken it until I uploaded my other pictures. When did she have my camera?

Oh, it must have been the same time Daddy was taking pictures of his new love - the AMG.

Lukers missing out on some sibling fun in the sun.

Maya's favorite pastime. (She will not have a computer in her room, she will not have a computer in her room, she will not... or a phone, or a boy... where is that child containment bubble when you need it.)She's even got Jonah in on it too.

And this is why, my friends, he gets ten million kisses a day. What a cutie patootie!!

Testing out that gift for music he gets from my side of the family... ha ha ha. Maybe one of them will be blessed with my singing voice. Ok, that wasn't even funny, just scary. If you ever 'see' me singing but no sound is coming out, don't make fun, just be thankful.

Do you like the fishing hat we made for my Dad? Well, you can't just give someone a gift card. You have to have a fun way to wrap it. Presentation is everything, you know? :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY OPA!! 68 years young. WE LOVE YOU! One of Dad's favorite sayings: "Do not resent to grow old. Many are denied the priviledge."

And in closing, I'll leave you with this little gem of a shot. Chris showing my Mom why she should really invest in a different style of reading glasses.

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The Reid Family said...

I am cracking up at your post! You have a true gift at writing your thoughts down my dear. Did you have Mrs. Carver for creative writing class? J/K. I love the way your brain works. :)