Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Fullness

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I hope you all had a very full day.
Ours was full of...


family and friends.
There is so much fullness to give thanks for, and that's just what we did, together.
Chrissy fell in love with the newest family member, Palmer. He's Samantha and Jamie's baby.
Here are the boys meeting Palmer, or "Puffer" as Jonah calls him.

Sweet Lukie had an ear infection, went to bed early and missed most of the feasting. But don't worry, there were plent of leftovers to share in the next day. Especially... portion of this poor bird who gave it's life for our feast.

Jonah and Laney being coached into becoming 'Kissing Cousins'.

"La La Tennessee Hills" as sung by Omi.

Little Laney getting her groove on. So sweet!

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