Friday, March 27, 2009

A Visit from Tink

Our favorite woodland fairy, Tinkerbell, finally found the letters that Maya and her friend had left for her, tucked into the bottom of the wood pile (you know, like where spiders and snakes live. Both of which I would rather avoid.) So Mommy Tinkerbell did what any good Mommy fairy would do. She responded back with a very nice letter (if I may say so myself) and brought them some charm bracelets, along with the "garden and winter pixie dust" they had requested. Thanks Wal-Mart Tink!!
And what were the boys up to during the great Tink discovery? Sharing a bit of brothery love, of course. 'Cause that's what all brothers do, all the time, right?
and climbing...
...and chiming.
Sisterly love usually comes with a few tickles.
After all of the Tink excitement, Maya thought close-ups would be a good idea.
I'm thinking, maybe not. (Can someone please teach me Photoshop for these wrinkles?!)
Of course Jonah's "close-up" was really an action shot.
And Luke? Yeah, he was just plum thrilled about it.

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