Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Funny Little Valentines

Getting ready to leave for preschool and some super fun Valentine's parties.
They really do love each other this much. They also squabble on occasion, but most of the time, it's love, love, love! (Especially when a camera is involved.)

Well, every good pastry chef does a taste test when creating a masterpiece, you know.

And this lovely 'love necklace' was all for ME!
Dear Ole Mom joining in on the fun for as long as they'll let me.

The Afterschool Tree Climbers Club. My little monkeys are always up for a good climb. (It's the most loved/abused magnolia tree I know of.)

So, in closing, we'd just like to give you all a big "Thumbs Up!"

Alright, I guess I have to tell you about this one... I just love this picture 'cause as soon as I saw it I said to myself, "That's my boy!" See, I have this kind of weird habit of sticking up my thumb when I do certain things, like eat (in a hurry), or sometimes when I'm brushing my teeth (and I don't really know when else, because I usually don't realize I'm even doing it until Chris makes fun of me.)

I'm right-handed and when I'm concentrating on what the right hand is doing I guess that left thumb just kind of pops out, maybe for 'balance' or something. (?) Well, my sweet Jonah is a Leftie (for some reason I think that in itself is cute. Probably because I think everything that Jonah does is cute... but I digress...) so I guess since he's left-handed his right thumb has to do the balancing for him. I've always thought that Jonah was kind of like my mirror image... but much cuter, of course.

Happy very late Valentine's everyone! I hope it was filled with much love and my prayer is for that love to be floating all around you still.

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