Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wildhorse Boot Scootin'

"It's a, Birth-day Tra-dition." (Sing along with me. You know, like Hank Jr., 'Family Tradition'? Oh c'mon, yes you do.) It was Chrissy's 23rd birthday, so Jimmy came in town and we all went to Wildhorse Saloon again for some bbq, dancing and birthday fun.

My Sister and her man. They are so fun together and always call each other "Baby, Honey, Sweetheart." Their other favorite things to do together are dancing, skiing/snowboarding, talking on the phone and shopping at garage sales. They're soul mates.
The whole fun and funky party crew.

The cheering section.

Just in case you weren't sure if we had a good time...

"Winners!" Well, ok, I guess 'Groovin' Grandma', Linda, tehnically won over the crowd in the end (with her bootin' and scootin' and wild grey hair flippin' all around), but to us, Chrissy and Jimmy were the real champions.


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Anonymous said...

Tanya and chris the pictures of me and Jimmy are cute thank you for taking me and Jimmy to the wild horse saloon. I love you Tanya and chris. love sissy.