Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bird Soup

We love to play outside. My kids could spend all day, every day outside. Especially if dirt is involved. One of their favorite things to do is to make "Bird Soup". It think it started at my parent's house when they discovered the bird bath full of water. They started throwing random pieces of grass and twigs in, in an effort to "feed the birds". If they could dig up a worm or find any other type of insect to throw in, that was an extra bonus. So now, anytime they can find any accumulation of water outside they begin the detailed task of making more bird soup with whatever 'topppings' they find available. Maya must have certain bird soup recipes in mind because she is always giving Jonah very specific instructions on what to add and exactly how much. This doesn't bother Jonah at all. In fact, I think he likes following her instructions. God made them so perfectly for one another. And I'm so glad that they are so close in age too. I wonder what they'll say when they grow up and realize that they really aren't going to marry each other, as they have planned now.

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