Monday, May 19, 2008

Did I Mention Mexico?

With all of the birthdays and baptisms last month I never had a chance to tell you about our fabulous trip to Mexico! Oh, it was heavenly. Just Hubby and I for four nights in Cabo San Lucas courtesy of his lovely employer... well and courtesy of all of his hard work resulting in being awarded 'Channel Manager of the Year'!! I'm so proud.
We spent our days relaxing in our private beach cabana, swimming in the infinity pool, riding wave runners and driving ATVs through the desert and on the beach. The evenings were spent enjoying great food with friends. May I repeat...Heavenly! We stayed at the Hilton Los Cabos and it was fabulous. Everything a vacation should be. I'm sorry to say that I don't have any personal photos.
I will give you a bit of advice though. If you decide to put a bottle of apple juice in your carry on bag which also contains your camera, please make certain that the lid has been tightened securely... better yet, don't do that at all. Just a thought.

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